Bake the World a Better Place Sticker


One of our core values is to bake the world a better place. We support the wellbeing of ourselves and our environment by consciously choosing a healthy work/life balance, selecting locally sourced ingredients, supporting local initiatives, and more environmentally sustainable packaging.

We launched these stickers as a way to support Bridges Over Barriers. A local foundation that provides emergency funding for students in crisis. Note: 100% of the profits from these stickers goes towards Bridges Over Barriers. 

Research shows that 1 in 5 children in every classroom may live in poverty. This foundation helps provide funding for clothing, medication, school supplies, and other basic needs. 

This fund is established based on the values of equity and the need for early intervention, with a commitment to maintaining the dignity of every individual who is a benefactor of this fund. All Canadians deserve equitable opportunities and life outcomes, and the sooner barriers can be overcome and supports can be put into place, the greater the impact will be for the individual, the family, and the overall community.

This fund enables OCDSB school social workers, through their clinical lens, to identify needs and barriers in student’s lives that prevent them from accessing necessary basic necessities, activities, and mental/physical health supports.

The goal is to collaborate with students and/or families in order to immediately access these critical supports.

These stickers are designed by Grant Burke (Orleans, ON) and printed by SG Printing in Ottawa, ON. Measuring 3″ in diameter, made of vinyl so they are weather resistant! We’ve tested some of our water bottles through the dishwasher with great success too, so these guys are quite durable!